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In 2018 The Museums of Sogn og Fjordane launched a museumspass. 

This is your ticket to 12 different museum experiences in Sogn og Fjordane.

The pass gives you access to many interesting Exhibitions, guided tours and allows you to enjoy peaceful walks in
the open-air museum, along with other activities and events (organised by the museum).

The pass is valid for 1persoon and you can visit all our museums once during the calender year,

You can purchase the pass at any of our museum, and the price is 179,- NOK.

We offer you:

- Folkmuseum
- Thematic museums
- Art museum
- Stunning architecture
- Marked hiking trails around the cultural landscape

- interesting stories about our Cultural heritage and artists from the county. 

Please find more information about all our museums and opening hours at the mainpage.

We hope to see you at our museums. 

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