Astruptunet is situated in idyllic surrounings on the south side of Jølstravatnet lake.

This is the home of the painter, illustrator and graphic artist, Nikolai Astrip (1880-1928), one of Norway´s most acclaimed artists.
Astruptunet is more than just the artist´s home, it´s also an important part of his life´s work. In Astrup´s surroundings at the farm, as well as in his painting, we can clearly
detect his love for the local landscape.

Astrup experimented with wood cutting, making hime something of an inovator in graph art techniques. He often varied his approach, sometimes working on the woodcuts 
as he went along, and sometimes colouring the print by hand after painting.

After completing his studies, he moved back home in order to portray the nature and the people of Jølster. 

The Astrup collection contains most of the woodcuts and prints he used, and a number of painting. Astrup´s art was launched internationally in 2016 in London and Emden.

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  19.May 2018 - 14.June 2018
Saturday and Sunday 11:00  - 16:00
Wednesday 17:00 -20:00
15.June 2018 - 14.August  2018
Every day    10:00  - 17:00
15.August 2018 - 16.September 2018
Saturdag and Sunay 11:00 -16:00
Wednesday 17:00 - 20:00


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Adults NOK 100,-
Groups 10*+ NOK   75,-

*Discount for groups only during opening hours

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