At Millstone Park in Hyllestad, you travel back in time to the Middle ages - and meet the Vikings as skilled craftsmen and traders.

Stone was the gold of Hyllestad. In hundreds of quarries, stonemasons carved millstone after millstone and loaded them into heavy boats that shipped the stones
to the whole world. At that rime, millstone were fundamental items: No bread, porridge or beer without the mill!

At Millstone Park, we guide you through the idyllic quarry landscape whre the Vikings toiles a thousend years ago. After the tour, you can grind grain on handmills, bake bread,
work with soapstone - or just relax by the fire and enjoy something to eat.

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6957 Hyllestad
Tlf: +47 458 71 940

Opening hours

The Millstone Park is an open-air museum that is open year-round for a tour on your own. Contact us for special tours and events..

During summer season (June - August) we offer guided tours and activities.

20. June - 16. Aug 2020  Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00.-16.00

Ticket prices:

 Adults (18 years and upwards)  NOK 60,-
Children 0-6 years Free
Children 7-18 years NOK 30,-

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